23.8M euros assistance for Venezuelan migrants | THE DAILY HERALD

THE HAGUE–The Dutch government has reserved 23.8 million euros to assist Curaçao and Aruba with the immigrants from Venezuela and the improvement of asylum procedures. The additional amount was announced in the Spring Memorandum which was published on Monday.

“Government is freeing up general means for the assistance requests of Aruba and Curaçao for the increased migration as a result of the political situation in Venezuela,” it was stated. The specific use of this money will be coordinated by State Secretary of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops.

Aruba Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes, who is currently visiting the Netherlands and spoke with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Knops on the issue of Venezuela on Monday, showed her deep appreciation for the additional funds.

Wever-Croes explained that that the funds would go towards more border control, more capacity and expertise to deal with asylum requests, care facilities for the refugees, assistance to maintain law and order, and the cost associated with the large influx of Venezuelan migrants. She thanked the Dutch government for its understanding and assistance in helping the two islands cope with the situation.

Dutch coalition party ChristianUnion (CU) stated in a reaction that it was very pleased with the additional funds. “The Netherlands has a special responsibility, and in this manner we make it possible for the countries to deal with the refugee flow in a proper and humane way,” stated Member of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament Nico Drost (CU).

Drost was the initiator of a motion that was broadly adopted by the Second Chamber. The motion requested the Dutch government to urge the Curaçao government to implement a careful assessment for the protection of refugees. The Curaçao government has already confirmed that this assessment is taking place and that Venezuelan refugees with a right to protection will not be expelled.

Drost reiterated human rights organisations’ concerns about Venezuelan migrants on the islands. “We are keeping a keen eye on the situation and we hope that, in good cooperation with human rights organisations, a human care system is created for people in need. We are happy that the Dutch government has now reserved funds for this,” he stated.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/87875-23-8m-euros-assistance-for-venezuelan-migrants