250 T-shirts left for Lighted Parade 2017

Brenda Wathey (centre) and participants during the 2016 Lighted Parade.

PHILIPSBURG–The last batch of T-shirts that give access to the Lighted Parade 2017, this coming Saturday, arrived on the island Monday, organiser Rio Productions announced Monday afternoon.

  The T-shirts are being sold at a rapid pace and are expected to be completely sold out by Thursday, March 30.

  Rio Productions President Brenda Wathey said, “The T-shirt sales went much faster this year due to our special collaboration with both entertainment group Nothing but Alcohol [NBA – Ed.] and Soggy Dollar Bar. They both have an enormous crowd and utilised all modern media channels to reach out to their followers. In addition to that, Chippie and Caribbean Liquors and Tobacco made ongoing efforts to reach out to their loyal customers by offering them special packages on the T-shirts.

  “I’m very pleased with the great support and enthusiasm as shown by revellers, partners and sponsors, and it definitely indicates that we are on the right track in making it our best Carnival celebration ever.

  “We truly believe our participants and spectators have a lot to look forward this year, as Small Axe Band and Grand Master Band will be ‘clashing’ on the road. In addition to that, our most talented St. Maarten deejay, Big Boss and Maestro, will be performing on the amazing truck of Soggy Dollar Bar that will be completely lit with spectacular light effects.”

  The last 250 shirts will be on sale by UTS, Van Dorp, N.C. Wathey and CLT, and include LED string lights, full open bar with a large variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during the entire parade, and 50 per cent discount at the official after-party at Soggy Dollar Bar hosted by El Emporio Productions of the famous entertainer Michael Angelo (Sponge).

  For more information concerning T-shirt sales, the parade and the 2017 route, participants are encouraged to follow Rio on Facebook or visit the Rio Productions web page

www.rioproductions.sx for more detailed information.  

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/64760-250-t-shirts-left-for-lighted-parade-2017