28 shelter residents reintegrated in community, space available | THE DAILY HERALD

SUCKER GARDEN–A total of 28 of the 43 residents who relocated from the St. Maarten Festival Village to the temporary residential living facility (shelter) in Sucker Garden, have been reintegrated into the community and as a result there is space available for additional clients.

Social Affairs Minister Emil Lee said persons who have to repair their homes and may need to move from their residence during this process, can contact the Dr. J Foundation at tel. 520-4747.

A former unused hotel property in Sucker Garden was renovated for the temporary residential facility with the intention of housing persons who were displaced by Hurricane Irma. The Dr. J Foundation, which is headed by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Judith Arndell manages the shelter.

The rules of the shelter include no loud music, keeping the environment clean at all times, parents being responsible for their own children, no drugs, no weapons and no violence, etc. The shelter has a staff that will ensure that the rules and regulations are adhered to. Social workers conduct case management guidance for the shelterees and psychologists assist with rebuilding self-confidence and increasing motivational levels.

Working residents must make contributions based on their individual incomes. Large families who are working will be able to receive a larger unit that has cooking facilities so they can take care of their families. They will be able to cook for themselves. Unemployed residents will receive free meals and lodging.

The shelter is expected to be in operation for at least one year.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/80086-28-shelter-residents-reintegrated-in-community-space-available