30 pupils graduate from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

DUTCH QUARTER–Thirty Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Primary School pupils took part in the annual school-leaving exercise at the Dutch Quarter Community Centre on Friday morning. The centre was packed with well-wishers and family members during the lengthy ceremony.

Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs gave uplifting and inspirational remarks to the children. “Continue persevering and excelling in everything you do, in and outside of the classroom,” she said. She also wanted parents to continue playing active roles in their children’s lives.

Division of Public Education head Glenderlin Davis-Holiday added encouraging words in her speech at the ceremony.

A proud Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School Manager Stuart Johnson said, “I am so proud of the class of 2017 and securing the top performing pupil in public education. Keisha Rize stood out as our female valedictorian and number one pupil in public education. Theirady Best stood out as the school’s valedictorian as he serves as a role model for other males to follow suit.

“I have no doubt students you will excel both inside and outside of the classroom. You will always have my support every step of the way, as leaving primary education is just the beginning.”

Johnson invited Soca Rumble Groovy King Kenyo Baly, who serenaded the audience and pupils with his song “Who Ya Fuh.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/66946-30-pupils-graduate-from-dr-martin-luther-king-jr