300 sign petition opposing St. Louis apartment project

MARIGOT–A newly-formed Countryside Committee is protesting the planned construction of 48 apartments in historical St. Louis and is urging the Collectivité to cancel the building permit application.
A petition saying “no” to the construction has already been signed by some 300 inhabitants. It reads: “In early 2018, the inhabitants of St. Louis discovered with amazement a sign announcing the construction of a 48-apartment private building complex located on an open field extending over an area of 7,294 square metres and rising to a height of 5.52 metres.
“The village of St. Louis, also known as “Freetown”, is a traditional village and haven of peace like the villages of Rambaud, Colombier, Cripple-Gate and Friars Bay. These are villages steeped in the history of yester year. Our ancestors took refuge here, either after escaping from the plantations, or after being released.
“This last authentic village of the island is about to disappear in favour of a massive concrete eyesore, destroying the authenticity of a peaceful countryside lifestyle, in danger of disappearing, if we let this happen.
“The residents of these neighbourhoods want to preserve their quality of life and are vigorously opposed to this project, as evidenced by the 300 signatories to the petition. It is also necessary to realize that beyond destruction of the landscape, the entire island will be impacted by this project. Indeed, the population will have to suffer longer waits in congested traffic between Marigot and Grand Case during peak hours.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/74185-300-sign-petition-opposing-st-louis-apartment-project