324 volunteers take part in Statia Doet | THE DAILY HERALD

Volunteers working at the museum during Statia Doet 2022.

ST. EUSTATIUS–Last weekend, 324 volunteers came out to give back to the community as part of the Statia Doet 2022 campaign. A total of 32 projects were executed as part of the annual charitable event on Friday and Saturday, May 20 and 21.

  “This year we had a large number of children participating, said Maxine Spanner-Suares of the Labour Department, one of the Statia Doet coordinators.

  Statia Doet 2022 will be hosting a Thank-You Party for invited volunteers at Mike van Putten Youth Centre, 2:00-8:00pm Saturday, May 28.


Volunteers preparing the planting of saplings at Claes Gut.

  Among projects executed were “Little Helpers with Green Thumbs” at Buzzy Bees Inn and Daycare Centre; Golden Rock Cancer Awareness Foundation provided healthy breakfast to cancer survivors; New Challenges Foundation gave out mini gift baskets to senior citizens; St. Eustatius Foundation repaired the fencing around its building in the historical core of Oranjestad and did a paint job to spruce up its location; Statia Pride beautified Claes Gut, where they planted saplings and other greenery in the cliff area and Statia’s manmade “waterfall”; a “rejuvenating” spa day for senior citizens; and St. Eustatius Historical Foundation beautified its building, gave the museum a paint facelift, and repaired and painted its Information Centre in Lower Town as part of a beautification project.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/324-volunteers-take-part-in-statia-doet


  1. Beautification is nice to see.
    Especially for paying visitors, the tourists.
    Have you ever wondered who gets the profits?

    All the helpers of the Dutch get paid as civil servants or collaborators.
    The volunteers think that they do the right thing for the island.
    Have you ever wondered why the emphasis is mainly on buildings, nature and things?

    But, what about your fellow people? A few projects were indeed about people this year.
    Don’t you see that there are less privileged people, people with needs, with problems?
    Why is it not possible to organize another event, a Statia Solidarity Week?

    A Statia Solidarity Week in which not incidental help or food is provided, but where structural change is organized!
    You are capable enough to think what should be done!
    Solidarity means something different than charity!