346 unwanted animals collected by AWF in 2017

POINTE BLANCHE–A total of 346 unwanted animals, including goats, iguanas and birds, were collected by Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) in 2017. However, there were only sixty adoptions for the year.

AWF carried out 869 home visits covering emergencies, taxis, aid, consultation and mange treatments.
Volunteers treated 126 dogs for mange. The treatment is a minimum of four visits, plus later follow-up.
A total of 640 free or low-cost sterilisations concentrating on female pets were done last year.
Kind News, educational humane material, was provided free bi-monthly to every primary school pupil on the Dutch side according to reading level.
AWF also held a dog walk, a dog show, a wine party fundraiser and four free or low-cost spay/neuter campaigns.
The Foundation celebrated its 25th year serving the people and animals in the community, on September 21, 2017.
Foundation President Kathy Deher said, “We are especially proud of the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and we have greatly appreciated the support received from veterinarians, Government, residents and island visitors.”
AWF’s success is “part of the big picture St. Maarten represents to the world, since our island’s economy depends almost entirely on tourism. As residents act more responsibly toward animals, tourists praise St Maarten as animal-friendly.”
Deher added, “As we strive to solve the animal overpopulation problem through humane education and sterilisation, the support and involvement of the public is vital to our cause. Share responsible animal care information. Sterilise your pets. Donate funds. Step up … help us make a difference!”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/73099-346-unwanted-animals-collected-by-awf-in-2017