35 students receive scholarship grants from SEMSAMAR Solidarity Foundation | THE DAILY HERALD

A student signs her agreement for receiving a scholarship grant from President of the SEMSAMAR Solidarity Foundation Annette Philips.

MARIGOT–Some 35 students received grants from SEMSAMAR Solidarity Foundation at a signing ceremony on Friday. The grants will help the students continue financing their studies, mainly in France.

It is one of the company’s priorities to improve the students’ educational level and promote their success. SEMSAMAR’s board of directors and students or their family representatives co-signed agreements with SEMSAMAR Solidarity Foundation President Annette Philips that defined the mutual commitments.

SEMSAMAR President and CEO Yawo Nyuiadi was represented by Rudy Alexandre, Director of Operational Services in St. Martin. The agreement ratifies the obtaining of this financial assistance.

The foundation’s commission reviewed132 files in August. At the end of its analysis, 35 scholarships were awarded to 14 girls and 21 boys for a total amount of 70,000 euros. Among the selected files, 29 students are enrolled in post-Baccalaureate studies and six others received renewal of their scholarships.

The foundation hopes that this small boost can contribute to the success of these students and that as many of them as possible will work towards the development of St. Martin.

After signing their agreements, three students – Kenrick Cozier-Manuel, Sana Dupont and Julic Rohan – presented their study projects and thanked the foundation for this financial support.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/90715-35-students-receive-scholarship-grants-from-semsamar-solidarity-foundation