40 positive COVID-19 cases, for Dutch side, 28 men, 12 women   | THE DAILY HERALD

COVID-19 figures as of Monday, April 6. 

 PHILIPSBURG–The number of positive coronavirus COVID-19 cases for Dutch St. Maarten as of Monday, April 6, has increased to 40, figures provided by the Department of Communications on Tuesday, April 7 show.

The positive cases represent 28 men and 12 women. Two of the cases are in critical condition at St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) and two have been discharged in “good condition,” the figures show.  

According to the figures there are 114 persons in self-quarantine, some of whom have surpassed the 14-day period without symptoms while some have been moved to the isolation group. There are 196 persons in self -isolation, who are displaying symptoms. A total of 112 persons have been tested of which 62 are negative, 40 are positive and 10 are pending.

A total of six persons have succumbed to the highly infectious illness on the Dutch side thus far and one person has recovered.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/40-positive-covid-19-cases-for-dutch-side-28-men-12-women-2


  1. We need to release the names of any positive cases of CV19! This is not a health privacy priority, it is a pandemic prevention priority. If a doctor asks a very sick person “who they have been in contact with over the last 14 days?”, the patient is probably to stressed out to remember. If you publish Ms. Jane Doe is in hospital with CV19, then the public can come forward for testing if they have been in contact with the patient. Common sense anybody?? SXM doesn’t have the money, time, test kits or facilities to test everybody…..