43 Zika cases in St. Martin

t. Martin currently has 43 confirmed Zika cases, Institut de Veille Sanitaire INVS discloses in its latest bulletin since the start of the epidemic. From that number one pregnant woman is registered.

Suspected cases of Zika show only a “slight increase” the bulletin notes and no cases have been referred to the Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital.
St. Barths continues to escape contact with the Zika virus with no cases registered. Guadeloupe, on the other hand, has 239 confirmed cases, among them seven pregnant women.
Seasonal flu has also gripped the French side with an estimated 1,330 sufferers according to the INVS report, but no serious cases have been referred to the hospital.
Since the start of the flu epidemic St. Barths has had 250 cases, of which 10 were transferred to the hospital.
Regarding other illnesses, INVS states gastroenteritis is currently stable in the northern islands and there are no longer any bronchiolitis cases in St. Martin.

Source: Daily Herald
43 Zika cases in St. Martin