474 persons are now vaccinated in Statia | THE DAILY HERALD

Councilman Koos Sneek getting vaccinated.

ST. EUSTATIUS–A total of 474 persons had been vaccinated in St. Eustatius up to Wednesday, February 24, an increase of 190 from the day prior.

  Amongst the persons vaccinated are Island Council members Reuben Merkman (Progressive Labour Party), Adelka Spanner (Democratic Party) and Koos Sneek (independent).


GTI Statia Terminals Managing Director Terrence Keogh giving a thumbs-up while being vaccinated.

 The vaccinations are being administered at Earl N. Merkman Sports Auditorium from 9:00am to 5:00pm today, Thursday, and tomorrow, Friday. There are two days left for persons to either register or walk in to receive the vaccine. They should walk with their identification card.

  No adverse reactions have been reported so far by persons who have received the vaccine.

  Sneek said that, being 70 years old, he is in the high-risk category. He said he got vaccinated because “although Statia is managing to keep the virus mostly out of the island, we all are feeling the effects of the corona pandemic in our daily lives, especially where it concerns travelling.”

  A day shopping in St. Maarten is like a distant memory, Sneek said. Unless travelling in a bubble for special occasions, no one can enter or return to Statia without undergoing a 12-day quarantine. “We are encouraged to sanitise our hands regularly, adhere to social distancing and wear a face mask, and we are constantly worrying that the virus may enter Statia.”

  Many countries, including the Netherlands, on which the island is extremely dependent, are experiencing complete lockdowns and most businesses are closed for many weeks already, Sneek said. This situation is not going away until the world will be able to eradicate the virus and for this the larger part of the world community needs to become immune to the virus, he added. “That is why people need to be vaccinated.”

  Global Terminal Investments (GTI) Statia Terminals Managing Director Terrence Keogh said he was getting the vaccine because, at age 58 and being hypertensive, he is high-risk. By getting the vaccine, he added, he is protecting himself, his family, colleagues and the community, particularly as he is exposed daily to many persons due to his job.

  “I believe in leading by example and the benefits of taking this vaccine, as it will protect me 95 per cent against the COVID-19 virus, instead of not being protected at all when I am not vaccinated,” he said.

  Merkman encouraged other Statians to get vaccinated. He said when you are vaccinated it also helps your community. “We cannot stay closed down forever. We will need to open up for the general public and the world. Right now, everything is at a low level and the island needs to get back to where we were and move forward in making Statia what it needs to be for the betterment for all people in Statia. Statia people, get vaccinated: it helps you and it helps the community,” Merkman said.

  Another notable person who has been vaccinated thus far is Reverend Vincia Celestine.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/474-persons-are-now-vaccinated-in-statia


  1. In a small dutch municipality the fractions of the council receive – together – a maximized amount of time 2000 euros per year for support. On Statia the puppet commissioners canceled this support for the island council. Van Rij used this money for his wine collection.
    If you want to play with the enemy, you get screwed.

  2. Again the book of Ernesto Che Guevara “Guerrilla Warfare” can give a good advise, if read between the lines. Not a frontal fight against the much stronger party, and not even an armed fight on a small island. There are far more effective ways. But first things first: our own plan and strategy.

    This includes stopping collaborating with the colonial regime. And foremost to call things by their real names. Excluding = discrimination; no democracy = dictatorship; inequality = racial discrimination; working for no salary = slavery; a kingdom = archaic and not of presemt times; the taking over of our society = planned population policy + planned réintroduction of slavery.

    And yes, there are really financially sound plans for a form of more or complete independence. Fully financed by the Dutch, pressured by the UN. Whether they want it or not, they will be obligated to pay their debts.

  3. The island council cooperated with the by Den Haag parachuted commissioners, although everybody on Statia has a big distrust towards them, Den Haag and everyone who represent them. This includes part of the government organization, which is large scale infiltrated by dutch vazals. And beware, color is not the distinctive factor in this.

    What happened a few years ago is not forgotten. We have seen it at the elections. Although the island council is formally without power, in reality the people have shown by the election result who represents them and in whom they trust.
    Unfortunately, this distrust is one of the mayor factors people don’t registrate for vaccination. And to the Dutch controlled government it does not matter if some Statians get a disease, die or whatever.

    Cooperation with Den Haag or their puppets Van Rij and Francis does not work. Knops has his own scheme, his own plan, his own strategy. And within that, there is no place for local democracy, local well-being of non-discriminating measures. It’s just as in the second half of the 19th century, after the formal abolishing of slavery: it is just called different, but the system stays the same.

    Because of the power, the force the dutch can operate, it is not wise to fight an uneven battle. They will try to blackmail with food, water and other essentials.
    Our fight has to be different, using all media, contacting our Caribbean brothers and sisters, and also Caricom and the UN.
    It is time to make our own plan. To make a parallel society.

  4. Awareness must be stimulated. We can not wait for any government to give back our dignity. We are no lesser people! We demand same rights, same wealth, same education, same infrastructure, etc. as white people in the Netherlands. Stop the slavery that is disguised as parliamentary democracy. This is their system, and look what it has brought us: a new elite of would-be whites.

  5. If society is so divided, you need something else than the standard dutch way of communicating. This farce of a vaccination campaign is just an example of what more could go wrong.
    The elite group, together with the buffer group, or the collaborators with this elite group, got themselves vaccinated.
    And the vast mayority of the normal ordinary people? They distrust everything that comes from this government, even vaccins. It’s not a burning fuse, there’s too much apathy amongst the people. Centuries of indoctrination in which people were convinced that they’re less worth, has done his job.
    A lot has to be done to create the right circumstances for change.