4th Youth EXPOSURE Programme launched

Bren Romney, Director of Youth and Culture.


ANGUILLA–On Monday, January 29, the Ministry of Social Development, Department of Youth and Culture kicked off its fourth Youth EXPOSURE Programme orientation training at the Anguilla Community College (ACC).

  The Youth EXPOSURE Programme was launched in 2015 with approximately 10 to 15 young people accepted annually. This year, Minister of Social Development Evans McNiel Rogers has increased the programme’s priority and participation has risen to more than 20. On February 1, at the end of orientation and training, 20 plus young adults began their six-month Youth EXPOSURE placement.

  The Youth EXPOSURE Programme is one of the three components of the Anguilla Service Corps, with the other two components being the Adult Volunteerism Programme and the Mentorship Programme. Focused on well-educated youth who have been in the job market search for up to two years, Youth EXPOSURE provides selected participants the opportunity for an internship in Government agencies while receiving a small monthly stipend. In return for their volunteerism, they receive invaluable employability training and skills to include resume writing and interview skills.

  ACC President Karl Dawson addressed the group and remarked that they are privileged to be part of the EXPOSURE group as there are many countries that do not have programmes such as this. He said that although he has been in Anguilla less than six months, he is impressed by the variety of education and social programmes made available by the Government to the residents of Anguilla.

  He also commended the Department of Youth and Culture for their close working relationship with ACC, understanding that education is the key to youth development and preparation for the future.

  Director of Youth and Culture, Bren Romney congratulated the group for their acceptance into the Anguilla youth service programme, stressing that this six-month programme provides them workplace skills which increases their employability. Intern assignments include teaching assistant positions within the six island-wide community centres as well as some of the primary schools, and nine in Government departments. He said that up to 70 per cent of previous committed and successful interns have been placed in permanent positions at the end of their experience. He ended by wishing them success and stressed that the onus was now on them.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/73312-4th-youth-exposure-programme-launched