50 businesses attend Chamber’s financing information session

Attendees at the Bush Tea Networking session held at the Chamber of Commerce on Monday.

MARIGOT–The St. Martin Chamber of Commerce CCISM welcomed over fifty businesses at the Bush Tea Networking public meeting on cash flow and investment financing on Monday, December 11, from 2:30pm to 3:30pm at the Maison des Entreprises.

  The main objective of this event was to provide participants with precise information on investment and cash flow loans available through French investment bank Bpifrance BPI, the Chamber noted in a release.

  Earlier during the day Muguette Daijardin, Private Sector Manager French Development Agency AFD/BPI Guadeloupe met ten entrepreneurs during the “Meet an Expert” one-on-one sessions organised by the CCISM from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

  “I met enthusiastic entrepreneurs willing to restart and develop their business; finding a listening ear is important for them to regain confidence and structure their projects,” commented Daijardin.

  The afternoon meeting presented BPI’s solutions in terms of funding at each key stage of a business’ life cycle: creation, development, innovation and internationalisation (export).

  “BPI’s products, often coupled with a bank loan, are powerful levers of modernisation and innovation for companies,” explained Chamber President Jean Arnell. “In the aftermath of Irma, the CCISM formalised several immediate and necessary measures for the macroeconomic reconstruction of the territory, including the deployment of BPI products in St. Martin.

  “I am particularly thinking of the Prêt Department d’ Outre Mer [PDOM – Ed.] for cash flow financing which can go up to 100,000 euros over seven years and the ‘Prêt Outremer’ for which the interest rate today is around one per cent.”

  As previously announced, the Chamber in St. Martin will focus on raising awareness and developing its service offerings for entrepreneurs as part of its mission to support them. Events such as the Bush Tea Networking and Rendezvous Advice will better address the issues businesses face throughout their life cycle.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71858-50-businesses-attend-chamber-s-financing-information-session