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Semsamar Director General Marie-Paule Bélénus Romana talks at a press conference for the presentation of scholarships on Monday. Looking on are Finance Director Patrick Rudolph Desiré (left) and Semsamar Solidarity Foundation President Annette Philips (right). (Robert Luckock photo)

Kysha Brooks of the Collectivité’s audio-visual department collects the scholarship agreement from Annette Philips on behalf of her daughter. (Robert Luckock photo)


MARIGOT–Mixed capital company Semsamar through its Solidarity Foundation arm presented scholarships to some of the 51 successful applicants at a press conference at the company’s headquarters Monday.

Of 136 who requested the financial aid, 51 were successful. About 47 young persons received scholarships in 2017. The Foundation considers the exam (Baccalaureate) results of applicants and those pursuing post-graduate higher studies, but also considers the financial means of the parents and the particular motivation of students in deciding who should receive the assistance.

Those who are leaving St. Martin to study abroad will receive 2,000 euros and those studying in St. Martin 1,000 euros. Some students were already abroad and parents were present to sign the agreements on their behalf.

Semsamar has spent 90,000 euros on this financial aid this year and about 70,000 euros in 2017.

“We’ve helped some parents who lost their jobs after Hurricane Irma and they have children who are pursuing higher studies. That was an exceptional aid this year,” noted Semsamar Solidarity Foundation President Annette Philips. “What we are looking for is for those students to be very serious in their studies. We want them to give of their best, remember that the foundation has helped them, and that they communicate with us so we know how they are getting on with their studies.

“And, of course, we will be helping them find a job after their studies in vacation time and more permanently when the time comes to give back to their country so we benefit from their knowledge. These young people have talent and potential and we enjoy helping them. They are our ambassadors for tomorrow. We are also asking them to be real when they go off-island and for those that are staying on the island to manage their time well and not get distracted with friends.

“When you read some of the motivation letters, many of them really want to succeed and they know what they want to do in the future. What we hope is that they give back to their country and that’s why we are monitoring their progress.”

Semsamar Director General Marie-Paule Bélénus-Romana encouraged the students to make good use of the financial aid and to work hard.

Also present were Semsamar Financial Director Patrick Rudolph Desiré, Sem Ta Route Director Karen-Kelly Mamie and Territorial Councillor Sofia Carti-Codrington.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/80015-51-receive-scholarship-grants-from-semsamar-solidarity-foundation