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TelEm Group men lent their support to the breast cancer awareness campaign by wearing pink ribbons on Friday.

Elektralyets Foundation President Elektra speaking to TelEm Group workers about breast cancer awareness and screening, during an informative session at the company’s main building on Friday.

A visitor snapping photos at the company.


Marketing Officer Stephani Jong Loy (left) and a TelCell customer admire a decorative pink ribbon in the TelEm Group Breast Cancer Awareness Corner decorated by company colleagues.




 POND ISLAND–Elektralyets Foundation President Mercedes “Elektra” van der Waals-Wyatt brought an important message about wellness to TelEm Group workers during an information session held at the company’s Pond Island location Friday.

Elektra’s message was about the importance of breast cancer screening for women and men to detect the disease in its early stages when treatment can be most effective.

The visit was part of TelEm Group’s observance of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, during which personnel, customers, family and friends of TelEm Group are encouraged to learn more about breast cancer awareness and the effects of the disease on women and men.

The visit was organised by the company’s Human Resources and Development Department and included health checks by medical professionals from St. Maarten Medical Center and students of American University of the Caribbean (AUC) School of Medicine.

Human Resources and Development intern Shakima van Heyningen said two offices in the TelEm Group building were turned into makeshift screening rooms due to a delay in the arrival of the Mobile Medical Bus where screening was scheduled to be given. “The rooms were first sterilised before use and made up for not having the bus due to circumstances beyond our control,” Van Heyningen said.

Friday’s screening sessions, along with the informative talk by Elektra, who also demonstrated how to do self-examinations, turned out to be a successful event overall with 63 persons participating.

“Participants were very grateful for the information and also for the initiative of the Human Resources Department and Management to arrange for this important event for family and staff,” she said.

Persons who attended also received a goodie bag at the end of their session containing a cupcake and breast cancer awareness promotional items, including pins, bracelets and pens.

Visitors to TelEm Group’s main office on Pond Island are encouraged to take a picture in the specially decorated corner and then to post their picture online to pass on the message of the importance of breast cancer screening to others in the community.

“We have seen several pictures online and we encourage more customers to come in and help us send out even more messages before the Breast Cancer Awareness corner is pulled down at the end of October,” Marketing Officer Stephani Jong Loy said during one photo-taking session with a cooperative customer recently.

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