70 cases dealt with in first quarter by Prescilla Gazon

The Gendarmerie’s resident social worker Prescilla Gazon. (Photo Robert Luckock)

MARIGOT–The Gendarmerie has highlighted the work of Prescilla Gazon, the first qualified social worker of St. Martin origin to be based in the Gendarmerie headquarters at La Savane.

Under contract with association “Les liaisons Dangereuses”, her job is financed by the State and the Collectivité within the framework of the “Contrat de Ville”. She has just completed three months on the job.

A qualified social worker, Prescilla Gazon is responsible for maintaining a link between the Gendarmerie and the Collectivité’s social services for the benefit of victims.

Acting on reports received from the Gendarmerie services, she has close contact with victims (and those in the process of being victimized) of domestic and inter-family violence to advise them of their rights, suggests appropriate action and refers them to specialists where necessary. She also carries out missions as a mediator in neighbourhood disputes, often in the presence of Gendarmes.

As a valuable link between the Gendarmerie, social services, associations and victims, Prescilla has already handled nearly 70 cases in the first quarter.

On March 8, for International Women’s Rights Day, she took part in a symposium for St. Martin victims of violence. This symposium brought together in the form of workshops speakers of the Gendarmerie’s Juvenile Delinquency Brigade, Trait d’Union-France Victimes, and Centre Symphorien d’Insertion.

A clinical psychologist and a forensic doctor also took part. The day was marked by exchanges and presentation of rights to victims.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/74739-70-cases-dealt-with-in-first-quarter-by-prescilla-gazon