$80,000 spent on Govt. Christmas decorations


PHILIPSBURG–During the handling of the draft 2017 budget discussion in the Central Committee meeting on Monday, Member of Parliament (MP) Tamara Leonard requested information on the amount spent by Government for Christmas decorations this year.

Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs William Marlin answered the question on Tuesday, stating that Government had decided to purchase decorations this year.

“There is no budget post for Christmas decoration. Usually, money is taken from the Ministry of General Affairs or Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports. Last time decor was purchased was in 2012 for NAF. 28,000 for trees, wreaths, etc. A company was used to store items as well as to put up and take down,” Marlin said.

“When moved to the new Government Building, Government was advised to renew decoration and get more, as building is larger. US $80,000 was paid for materials, put up the decor and take down. The company [which was not named – Ed.] will also store the decorations.”

He expects the materials to be used until 2020.

The money was taken from the capital expense budget, according to Marlin. The new Government Building has three Christmas trees: one inside and two outside in front of the building. Lights and décor are seen throughout the building.

MP Leonard told The Daily Herald she would respond to the Prime Minister in the second round of the meeting scheduled for today, Wednesday.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/62103-80-000-spent-on-govt-christmas-decorations