Abraham now ‘independent’

BONAIRE–Just one week after he was installed, former PDB-leader Clark Abraham broke with the opposition party’s fraction and declared himself a so-called independent member of Bonaire’s Island Council.   His letter to Island Council President mentioned “disturbed relations” with in particular current fraction-leader Robbie Beukenboom.

  Abraham had been the biggest vote-getter in the most recent election of 2016 and as such directly earned his legislative seat. He was “left outside looking in” for some time after he became commissioner in a PDB/UPB government that soon collapsed.

  Michael Pietersz recently resigned as councilman to open the door for Abraham’s return, citing issues with Beukenboom as well. There are rumours that Abraham will not use his seat to form a new coalition with among others also independent member Jeanoushka Raphaela and the MPB of Elvis Tjin-Asjoe.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/65983-abraham-now-independent