Abraham now leader of PDB

BONAIRE–Robby Beukenboom stepped down as political leader PDB, followed by the entire party’s board. He was succeeded by Clark Abraham, who recently returned to the Island Council, went independent and formed a new governing coalition with MPB and the Raphaela-fraction.

This means it’s no longer Abraham’s self-declared “social liberal movement” but PDB as a party officially supporting the current Executive Council. Since Abraham was also appointed commissioner, his Island Council seat became vacant again and went back to the PDB candidate next in line Michael Pieters, who had resigned to allow the son of long-time party leader Jopi Abraham back in.

The outgoing board stated that they didn’t want to continue because the members and political leader were constantly being placed in a bad light by false statements from people of their own party. A new board chaired by Pieters has been installed.

Beukenboom and Maruga Janga remain in the Island Council.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/66386-abraham-now-leader-of-pdb