Academy PSVE hosts event to improve teaching, learning

A scene during one of the sessions.

EBENEZER–As part of its goals to improve the quality of the teaching and learning process, the Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education (PSVE) section of St. Maarten Academy held its first Professional Development Day for the 2017-2018 academic year on Wednesday, August 30. During the event, the school’s management and staff participated in a series of fun and interactive workshop sessions related to their professional and personal lives. In-house and outsourced experts were selected to facilitate the workshops. This group was later evaluated by the staff as being knowledgeable and effective at conveying information in a timely fashion.

  The day began with welcoming remarks by PSVE Principal Lavern Shury-Nelson and Instructional Coach Beverley Benn. The two managers stressed the importance of continued training for educators with the aim of providing a better quality education at the institution. “When educators are well equipped, they feel more prepared to meet the demands of the teaching-learning environment, especially in the multifaceted area of vocational education,” the school said. 

  A group session on Behavioural Issues in the classroom ensued. This session was facilitated by Mental Health Foundation (MHF) psychologist Stephanie Haseth.   

  Educators were provided with new ideas, which when added to existing practices should make instruction smoother. Following this session, personnel broke off into groups where they attended one of three sessions facilitated by fellow staff members: “Classroom Management” provided by Vice Principal Monique Beek; “Power Point in Instruction” delivered by Information Technology teacher Conlan King, and “Teaching Students with Mixed Abilities” facilitated by remedial teacher Lancer Celestin. The school said the sessions were informative and spurred on important discussion about how best to improve conditions in and out of the classroom.

  Later in the day educators came together again for a session on Stress Management delivered by Director of Lab Sports Academy Les Brown. During this lively activity, which included demonstrations of muscle stretching and other exercises, Brown emphasised the importance of an exercise regimen as an integral part of reducing the effects of stress in the lives of educators.

  Educational Advisor and Coordinator to the School Board Roberto Arrindell was also in attendance.

  After all sessions were concluded educators then broke off to socialise and fellowship over a meal. Management expressed gratitude to all who had made the events of the day successful.

Source: The Daily Herald