Academy PSVE pass rate up to 81 per cent

EBENEZER–St. Maarten Academy Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education (PSVE) students have a lot celebrate.

A total of 81 per cent of the 69 students who sat the final exams passed their exams outright. The preliminary pass rate is higher than last year’s final pass rate of 70 per cent.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Four students (10 per cent) are scheduled to take the re-sit exams next week and school officials are expecting the final pass rate to go up a bit higher. Two of the four students who are to re-sit were ill for exams. Nine per cent of the students who sat the exams failed outright, outgoing Principal Solange Duncan told The Daily Herald on Friday.

Duncan, who will go on retirement at the end of this school year, said she is happy to go out with a bang and with high passing grades. She said the exam results show that better results are gained when teachers have smaller classes to teach, as students get more individual attention.

“This seems to help with the performance,” she said.

Duncan said the current batch of final exam students is one of the smallest groups of final exam students the school has had in years, noting “the outcome is much better. I am glad that I am going out with a bang this year and I am happy that we have had such positive results.”

The top students from the final exams classes are, for the PKL stream, Stefany Debrassi and for the PBL stream, Oneil George.

Debrassi started school at PSVE two years ago. She came from the Dominican Republic not speaking any English and Dutch was a foreign language to her. Today she is speaking better English than her English speaking classmates. As for Dutch, if you didn’t know better, you would have thought that she came from a Dutch speaking background.

The school expects her to be a “valuable member of society because she is a very hard working and focused student.”

Source: Daily Herald
Academy PSVE pass rate up to 81 per cent