Academy teachers paid their vacation allowance | THE DAILY HERALD

~Duncan: ‘We took from Peter to pay Paul’ ~

EBENEZER–Foundation for Academic and Vocational Education (FAVE) paid the teachers and eligible staffers of its two schools their 2019 vacation allowance on Friday.

The payment was made on the date of an ultimatum that Windward Islands Teachers Union (WITU) had given FAVE to pay the educators. The union had given the board up to Friday, June 28, to pay. Teachers received both their June salaries, as well their 2019 vacation allowance on Friday.

The payment follows several days of sit-in by teachers of Academy’s Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education (PSVE) section and a go-slow by teachers of the Academic section, followed by a one day of silent protest by teachers of both schools for payment of their vacation allowance.

FAVE Chairperson Roland Duncan confirmed that the payment was made when contacted on Friday. He said the board had taken “from Peter to pay Paul.” He said the payment to teachers means that the payment of other debts, such as taxes will be affected.

WITU President Claire Elshot said she is happy that teachers have finally received their vacation allowance as this was due to them. “Teachers deserve it. They don’t deserve the stress they have been subjected to. They did not deserve that type of treatment. This is exactly the way to go,” Elshot said.

Source: The Daily Herald