Academy teachers stage silent protest for vacation allowance | THE DAILY HERALD

CUL DE SAC–Teachers from the two sections of St. Maarten Academy took to the streets in a silent protest action in the vicinity of Sheik Supermarket on the L.B. Scott Road near the school’s academic section early Monday to send a strong message that they want their 2019 vacation allowance paid.

The teachers, many of whom bore placards outlining their concerns, held the protest action ahead of a meeting with Foundation for Academic and Vocational Education (FAVE) Chairperson Roland Duncan scheduled for 11:00am.

Teachers of the school’s Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education (PSVE) section held a sit-in for several days last week, while those from the Academic section joined later with a go-slow, over uncertainties about their vacation pay.

Duncan had said that the “no work, no pay” rule would be applied to teachers who do not do their job, while the teachers contend that for them it is “no pay, no work,” meaning that if they are not paid (their vacation allowance), they will not be working. The board has so far contended that the lower subsidy it has been receiving from government, as a result of a drop in enrollment at the PSVE section, affects its ability to pay the allowance and has indicated that measures will be taken as a result of the lower subsidy, including not renewing the employment agreements of teachers who are on contract.

Source: The Daily Herald