Academy wins big | THE DAILY HERALD

The Ombudsman Bureau concluded its School Ombudsman Project with an information evening at University of St. Martin.

The project, titled “The Best School Ombudsman,” involved high school students in the pre-exam/exam classes of Milton Peters College (MPC HAVO/VWO), St. Dominic High School, Methodist Agogic Centre Comprehensive Secondary Education (MAC-CSE) and St. Maarten Academy (Academic Section).

St. Maarten Academy was the overall winner of the competition. The Best Presenter came from St. Maarten Academy followed by MPC HAVO, St. Dominic High and MAC-CSE. The Best Attendance (prejudged) was MAC-CSE. Best understanding of the role of the ombudsman (prejudged) was St. Maarten Academy, which was also recognised as the Most Popular School. Students’ presentations focused on the Ombudsman’s history, role, procedures and standards of proper conduct, including their experience as school ombudsmen. The Bureau Ombudsman said it is very pleased with the turnout to the event, the participation and enthusiasm of students and schools.

Source: The Daily Herald