Achievements acknowledged | THE DAILY HERALD

A number of high school students who have excelled in the areas of academics, athletics, community service, expressive arts and leadership were honoured and rewarded by Gifted Foundation during a gala black and gold Gifted Royalty Awards held at the Belair Community Centre on Sunday evening.

Winners are Brandon Fitzpatrick of St. Dominic High and Geraldine Benders of St. Maarten Academy, for Community Service; David Beek of St. Maarten Academy and Yvette Mariely Rosario of St. Dominic High, for Academics; Andres Ricardo Jaime Patrick and Judine Francis, both of Methodist Agogic Centre-Comprehensive Secondary Education (MAC-CSE), for Athletics; Tyler Percival of St. Maarten Academy Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education (PSVE) and Aziza Vanterpool of Milton Peters College, for Expressive Arts; and Jesus Mateo Bejarano Ortiz and Knisha Radjouki, both from St. Maarten Academy, for Leadership. In photo: The winners with their trophies. All nominees from the various schools were commended for their outstanding efforts.

Source: The Daily Herald