Acrobatics add magic touch to NIA’s end-of-year recital

PHILIPSBURG–It has been five years since Imbali Center for Creative Movement and Motiance Dance School Foundation came together to form an alliance for the arts called the National Institute of Arts (NIA). To celebrate this milestone NIA presented its end-of-year recital entitled “Magic Blue” at L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium during five shows Friday through Sunday.

The Art Institute appropriately named the recital “Magic Blue.” Not only is blue NIA’s signature colour, but with this year’s recital NIA put together a show in celebrating art in its myriad of forms, including drama, dance, circus, acrobatics, clowning, and voice.

Especially acrobats and acrobatics teachers Olga Subbota and Aleksei Shilai added a touch of circus magic to the show, which took well over two hours.

The two Ukrainians not only are highly-skilful acrobats themselves, as they aptly showed in their routines with hoops, bricks and metal bars and structures. In an aerial act featuring NIA students Naomi Warsop, Jeremiah David, Dekyla Brown, Kiara Vanterpool, Lian Borsje, Ray-Angel Boasman and Zacquel Phipps they also demonstrated their skills as teachers in presenting a breath-taking and highly poetic act with colourful drapery high up in the Sports Auditorium. NIA will be presenting a circus camp during the summer vacation.

Teaching some 2,000 children in schools weekly and featuring a collective of 25 artistes, the recital comprised many classes in ballet and modern and (street) jazz dance, as well as classic Indian Bharatanatyam dance and African and folk dance. And there was even more, such as presentations featuring NIA’s gold medal dancers and gymnasts. In total, “Magic Blue” featured 150 NIA students.

Source: The Daily Herald