Agreement signed to develop Koraal Tabak | THE DAILY HERALD

With the property owners.

WILLEMSTAD–Curaçao Minister of Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning VVRP Charles Cooper has taken the initiative to address various petitions for changes in the Island Development Plan EOP. Since last year a team of officials with assistance by Dutch professionals has been working on five project requests for a change in the “Open Land” designation.

Within this framework the team, along with developers, traversed an intensive path including workshops, studies and analyses of the areas concerned. According to Cooper, as the signing of an agreement for plans to develop Koraal Tabak, “VVRP does not undertake this alone but collaborates with advisors from the Ministries of Health, Environment and Nature GMN and of Economic Development MEO.”

They will now embark on the legal process to change the designation of the EOP for the Koraal Tabak property owned by the Bakhuis family. In this way the minister aims to pave the way for the construction of homes and tourist accommodations.

Source: The Daily Herald