Agricultural Department shows that every home is a garden | THE DAILY HERALD

Pupils viewing some of the displays at the Agricultural Exhibition.

ANGUILLA–The Department of Agriculture hosted an extremely professional and informative agricultural and agro-industrial exhibition on its agricultural grounds in the Valley on Friday, May 3. Its theme “In Every Home a Garden”, demonstrated by a varied presentation of healthy and thriving plants and vegetables despite the current drought conditions, was a clear example of what can be achieved.

The exhibit’s picturesque and well-designed layout facilitated easy foot traffic to all areas, enabling attendees to easily inspect the diverse displays planted both in the ground and in colourful recycled containers. Throughout the day large groups of school students from pre-school through high school, along with the many adults, strolled through the exhibits and could be heard marvelling at the variety of healthy produce and plants on display.

Acting Governor Perin Bradley congratulated Director of Agriculture, William Vanterpool and his staff for their efforts to make the exhibit possible. Addressing the benefits of growing your own produce, Bradley highlighted the fact that gardening enables you to have control over what goes into your body. He added that gardening also requires manual labour which in turn provides a healthy dose of exercise. He said that gardening also brings communities together in a shared jollification.

Minister of Agriculture Curtis Richardson encouraged everyone to enjoy the day while thanking the members of the Agricultural Department for their tireless work and dedication to making the exhibition possible.

During his welcoming remarks, Vanterpool said his department was encouraging everyone to have a garden in their yard. He said, “Our displays will show you how you can accomplish that. There is nothing that we are doing that you cannot do.” He invited the public to visit at any time to see, learn and to take back to the community. He went on to thank his committed department staff for their wonderful work in making the exhibition possible.

The steady influx of visitors and constant stream of positive feedback validated the exhibit’s resounding success. There were ample displays, booths and information to keep everyone of all ages engaged.

Source: The Daily Herald