Aid container packed for Stay Strong SXM initiative

Foundation Stay Strong SXM representatives on Saturday.

PHILIPSBURG/NETHERLANDS–The foundation Stay Strong SXM was officially started in The Netherlands the day after the hurricane by Nadja de Beer and Juul Aldenhuijsen, who both have lived in St. Maarten, with the goal of helping the schools in St. Maarten, particularly the Catholic School Foundation.

  They were immediately supported by teachers who had taught in St. Maarten, people from St. Maarten now living in the Netherlands and others who felt the connection with St. Maarten. Stay Strong SXM’s first container was loaded last week Saturday, St. Maarten Day, a little more than two months after Irma.

  The word has spread and the foundation has been able to collect much-needed supplies such as school furniture, learning materials, reading books and other school supplies. Next to the collected materials, many persons in the Netherlands who started initiatives such as selling books, collecting bottles and organising events have donated the money raised with their efforts to the foundation.

  “We are so touched by the number of people reaching out to us with their initiatives small and large. This will help us to buy those materials we have not been able to get in donations, stated De Beer.

  “There have been many contributors to our foundation, but a special thank you goes out to the great group of volunteers that have helped us, most with a direct connection to St. Maarten, Linda Best who has given us storage space and, most importantly, the logistics company Lupprians NL that has helped us collect all the materials donated from all corners of the Netherlands.

  “It is truly amazing how people have trust and joined hands. We do this for the children, they are our future. It breaks our heart to know the circumstances in which some children are living. We hope that everyone continues to help so we can send more supplies and really make a difference for them all.”

  Persons who want to know more about the foundation can visit its website or visit

Facebook/staystrongsxm .

Source: The Daily Herald