Airbnb signed with Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD–Curaçao’s Minister of Economic Development Eugene Rhuggenaath and Minister of Finance Kenneth Gijsbertha have signed an important agreement with Airbnb that is to help promote the island as a world-class vacation destination.

This partnership will also create a framework that will allow the Government of Curaçao and Airbnb to address issues such as taxes, host accommodation standards and regulations, share aggregate data and support tourism marketing campaigns.

Airbnb’s representative for the Caribbean and Central America Shawn Sullivan said, “Today’s agreement with Curaçao is a great example of how governments and the private sector can work together to achieve mutually desired goals. Curaçao is an important, growing market for Airbnb and we are very excited to be working with the Government to help grow sustainable tourism to the island.”

Airbnb already plays an important role in the Curaçao tourism industry with about 1,000 listings across the island from some 600 hosts who typically earn US $4,400 per year. The agreement is to allow new opportunities to grow Curaçao’s economy and create jobs with the so-called “sharing economy.

“Cooperation is a vital determinant of success and competitiveness for both individual tourism entities and destinations alike. Through our collaborative efforts, we can achieve a more effective and efficient tourism development, and a greater degree of environmental and social-cultural sustainability. Therefore, I am very pleased with the agreement signed today with Airbnb,” said Rhuggenaath.

With this partnership, Airbnb will continue promoting tourism and highlighting Curaçao’s history and culture. The strategy focuses on the diversification of the hospitality industry and maintaining a balance between Curaçao citizens and visitors.

Source: The Daily Herald


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