Airport personnel engages in Leadership Profile Workshop | THE DAILY HERALD

The workshop aimed to refine and strengthen leadership as the airport transitions into a new phase.

SIMPSON BAY–Princess Juliana International Airport’s operating company PJIAE recently launched its Leadership Profile Workshop. This initiative, hosted by the Human Resources (HR) department of the airport in collaboration with HP Talented Solutions, saw participation from various levels of the organization.

The workshop aims to refine and strengthen the leadership within PJIAE as the airport transitions into a new phase. The training comprised five sessions held throughout the week, aimed at designing a new Leadership Profile based on the insights gathered. This new profile is expected to align with the airport's vision of not only enhancing physical infrastructure but also developing a robust leadership framework.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bob Post started the sessions with a forward-looking vision for PJIAE. In his opening remarks, Post highlighted the significant milestones achieved by the organization.

“We have a beautiful airport, and we almost completely moved back in the Terminal,” Post said. “With the reconstruction nearly complete, we look forward to fine-tuning our organization and required leadership profiles. The Terminal Reconstruction Project is one of the biggest successes on the Island right now, and we have seen a surge in passengers coming through our airport.”

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brian Mingo emphasized the importance of preparing all staff to elevate the level of service offered at PJIAE. “With this growth, it is crucial that everyone is prepared and focused on taking our service to the next level,” Mingo stated. “It is time to also look at our leadership and sustainability.”

Miguela Gumbs, HR Director at PJIAE, stated that this workshop is a pivotal step towards aligning leadership with the airport’s organizational goals. “By fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, we are ensuring that our team is equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow and drive our airport to new heights of success,” Gumbs stated.

As PJIAE moves into this new season with a renovated airport, the organization is committed to cultivating a new type of leadership that supports its goals and sustains its growth. The Leadership Profile workshop marks a significant step in this direction, ensuring that every staff member is equipped to contribute to the shared success.

Source: The Daily Herald