Airport says cones placed for security

PHILIPSBURG–Residents dropping off or picking up passengers at Princess Juliana International Airport SXM are furious about a coned-off section outside the terminal building.

The cones have been in place for almost four months now without any reason given to the public. People who have complained to the press say the coned-off section creates more traffic congestion and is inconvenient for the quick pick-up and drop-off of passengers. , Some residents argued that the Airport is using the cones to force drivers to go into the parking lot even for a quick visit.

Asked about the cones, the Airport said their placement was “prompted by security concerns as a result of recent events, including in the region, and to ensure that vehicles don’t remain in front of the terminal building longer than it takes to pick up or drop off passengers.”

The Airport said it “continuously promotes a customer-friendly experience, which includes being more lenient than other airports when it comes to not enforcing the ‘No Parking’ rule. We don’t want to inconvenience anyone, but with safety being priority number one, we must ensure that the safety of our customers is taken into consideration at all times and, therefore, will take the necessary measures in that regard.”

Source: Daily Herald
Airport says cones placed for security


  1. This makes NO sense whatsoever. Security reasons? What the hell are cones going to prevent?? If an attack would be launched, any vehicle would drive straight thru those cones.

    The real reason is the ‘parking gestapo’ the airport has walking around there that don’t want to be standing in the sun all day.

    The airport goes from e-gates, which are great, to placement of nonsense cones from one to the next….sighhhh