Airport’s temporary arrival and departure tents nearly finished


~ No insurance claim filed yet post-Irma ~

AIRPORT–Princess Juliana International Airport SXM is erecting two big, air-conditioned tents intended to better accommodate passengers and other users of the facility temporarily, until the terminal building can be restored to its pre-Hurricane Irma state.

The tents will enhance customer comfort and upgrade the current operations of both the arrival and departure areas, freeing up the general aviation FBO building that is now being used for arriving passengers. The tents will also be customised to include offices and bathroom facilities. Workers started erecting the tents last week and will finish before the end of the month.

In an invited comment Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ravi Daryanani said interior demolition and waterproofing of the roof of the airport’s main building will commence within 10 days.
When asked about the status of the insurance claim for the airport, Daryanani said, “The status is ongoing pending final documentation needed for the insurance claim.” The airport is fully covered by NAGICO Insurances.

In a previous press release Chief Operations Officer (COO) Michel Hyman said, “We are aware of the fact that passengers and other users of the airport facilities would like to return as quickly as possible to experience the award-winning service we offered before Hurricane Irma struck. We appreciate their patience and we will soon set up the tents to further make passenger flow easier and more comfortable.

“The FBO building will revert to its normal use once the tent is up. We are working tirelessly to ensure that we rehabilitate and restore the terminal building to the envious position it held before the storms. This will take time. However, PJIAE [the Airport operating company – Ed.] is committed to making sure that everyone is kept informed on the progress of our rebuilding effort.”

Source: The Daily Herald