Alain Richardson inaugurates Campaign HQ, reveals full list

Alain Richardson talks at the inauguration of his campaign headquarters on Tuesday evening as fellow candidates look on.


MARIGOT–Former President of the Collectivité Alain Richardson inaugurated his campaign headquarters on Tuesday evening, and revealed the full list of candidates on the slate of “En Marche Vers Le Progrès” (Marching towards Progress).

  Previously only a partial list was released. Interestingly, the headquarters at 1, Rue St. James is the same headquarters used for his Triple R party back in 2012.

   This, and the significance of the white and red (for RRR) polo shirts indicate there is unfinished business to attend to, a reference to his disqualification as President by the State Council in 2012, by breaking campaign funding rules by opening a second account in US Dollars.

  Despite being written off by many, Richardson said the strength for his comeback is owed to the loyal men and women on his list who believed in him and remained faithful.

  “I am an accountant by profession and don’t necessarily have to have a career in politics, but we are driven by the desire to serve St. Martin and build a more harmonious society,” said Richardson. “The future of St. Martin depends on our ability to move forward together.”

  The list notably has four members of the Triple R party; Vice-President Ramona Connor, and Territorial Councillors Alain Gros-Desormeaux, Antero Jesus Santos, and José Villier.

  Of note are Director of Princess Casino Hervé Meunier at number five and former President of St. Martin Tourism Office Ida Zin Ka Ieu, at number four.

  The full list is as follows: 1. Alain Richardson; 2. Ramona Connor; 3. Alain Gros-Desormeaux; 4. Ida Zin Ka Ieu; 5. Hervé Meunier; 6. Liliane Page-Tondu; 7. Alexandre Cocks; 8. Cheryl Javois; 9. Jocelyn Alexandre; 10. Danielle Hodge; 11. Antero Santos; 12. Samira Hammani-Mons; 13. José Villier; 14. Sophie Jaboin-Clermont; 15. Ange Matime; 16. Emalie Questel; 17. Devaarajun Ramsani; 18. Nathalie David; 19. Alain Lemonnyer- Pavignac; 20. Guynaelle Connor; 21. Lazare Noubou; 22. Lucie Dormoy; 23. Luis Whit; 24. Catherine Ramanaidou; 25. Gilles Beaupere and 26. Marika Flanders.

  Richardson said inclusion of younger candidates on the list was done on purpose so they can be trained to take over in the future.

Source: The Daily Herald