Alain Richardson presents partial list of ‘Marching towards Progress’

MARIGOT–Former President of the Collectivité Alain Richardson presented a part of his list on Thursday, ahead of the March Territorial Elections under the heading “Marching towards Progress.”

Richardson presented three main ideas that drive the party: love of the country St. Martin (the social issue, the sense of belonging, the re-appropriation of the values and legacy); economic and social development in respect of our environment (increase in GDP over 10 years), and meeting the challenges of the territory by building a project for everyone (wealth and harmony).

The main pillars of the programme are: youth – education, training, jobs, liberation and development of creativity and talent to achieve the cultural richness of diversity; sponsorship.

Strengthening and diversification of the economy by acting on its attractiveness and competitiveness; tourism improvement and increase of accommodation capacity; attracting cruise and yachting sectors, diversification by development of events and services with high-added value; regional trade i.e. making St. Martin a hub of trade and distribution in the area; the knowledge industry.

Making St. Martin a capital for training and transmission of knowledge – languages, communication, hotel and catering, technology, construction and housing; encouraging and boosting construction to make ownership accessible to many families (St. Martin Ideal) for example having a house and developing land holdings etc.

“This project is supported by women and dynamic men who are the cement of society of St. Martin. From different socio-professional environments they cover all geographical areas of the territory, but also represent the diversity of St. Martin. This is a movement to progress,” Richardson said.

Source: The Daily Herald