‘All about a smile’ brings gifts for 60 French Quarter children

A happy child receives a gift from Father Christmas. (Robert Luckockphoto)

MARIGOT–Sixty children who take part in after school activities at Centre Symphorien d’ Insertion (CSI) in French Quarter received Christmas gifts on Thursday afternoon at CSI’s location on Coralita Road.

 The presents came from a Facebook initiative called “All about a smile,” started by Jeff Jhangiani and Jacky Rom who were present on Thursday with other helpers.

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 “We found out about CSI, but we also have other projects, for example with I Can Foundation on the Dutch side,” Jeff explained. “Here they lost everything in the hurricanes. What we did was get all the names of the children so each one could have a gift for Christmas, to make it special for them.

The distribution of Christmas presents at CSI in French Quarter on Thursday. Father Christmas is not visible in the photo but was seated inside. (Robert Luckockphoto)

“Then on December 26, we’re doing the candy round, with 650 bags, visiting the orphanages and foster homes to give out gifts as well. On December 29, we are back at the I Can Foundation for a Christmas party.”

 CSI is an active insertion association helping educate the youth and helping them to obtain employment. CSI notably provided the workers for the Green Brigades to clean the beaches of Sargassum weed.

 More recently CSI collaborated with the Gendarmerie on a road safety awareness programme “Never without my Helmet.” One of the programme’s incentives is a helmet design competition for which young people can win a prize. Thanks to sponsors, two to three crash helmets are donated to young persons each month.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/72158-all-about-a-smile-brings-gifts-for-60-french-quarter-children