All churches in St. Eustatius conduct Father’s Day services

ST. EUSTATIUS–Father’s Day was celebrated in churches on St. Eustatius this weekend.

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church celebrated Father’s Day on Saturday. Father Peter de Jong conducted service at the Roman Catholic Church. He admonished fathers to be protectors of their children and lead them in the right direction.

He encouraged fathers to spend quality time with their children. “Your children must know that they are loved by their father/mother, and we all know we are loved by God,” De Jong said. He told fathers they must be committed to their children, and always show their children that they are loved and cared for by their dads.

Ingrid Whitfield presented a plaque to Howard Courtar. He was honoured during the Father’s Day service, as he has never missed a service.

The Methodist Churches combined their services and celebrated Father’s Day together. Later that same day at Big Stone Fellowship Sister Hilary conducted the service. Fathers, she said, are responsible for instructions in the family. The expensive devices given to children are not what a child needs, but quality time with their parents, she said.

“Children are no longer being raised by the community. Parents today are afraid to correct their children,” she said.

She encouraged children to walk away when they see something is wrong. “Let those doing bad call you names. A good name is better than riches,” she said.

She encouraged children to stand for what is right and shun what is wrong at all times.

Pastor Maurice Howard was presented with a fruit basket by Monique Brown on behalf of the members of the church.

All fathers at the service were presented with gifts and they were all anointed. Prayers were said by the mothers and church leaders on the fathers’ behalf. The service concluded with lunch served by the mothers.

Source: The Daily Herald