All ends well for Winair’s passengers stranded in Haiti

Airline personnel checking travel documents as the stranded passengers anxiously await their turn to board their flight home. (Marietza Patrick photo)

AIRPORT–It became a happy ending Thursday for Windward Islands Airways International Winair passengers stranded in Haiti due to payment issues between PAWA airline and the Haitian Airport Authority, after the MD-80 airplane was seized on Tuesday.

  Most passengersof flight WM 807, except for a couple with their two children who stayed behind on Haiti for medical reasons, arrived safely and soundly on St. Maarten around 2:30pm.

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  Those destined for Saba and St. Eustatius were able to continue to their destination. Some were not as fortunate and arrived over the weekend.

  One passenger said that the service at the hotel Ron Decameron where they stayed while awaiting a flight back to St. Maarten was excellent. The staff, she said, gave them top-quality treatment and food and drinks for free.

  The 10 police officers who were stranded on Statia en route to Bonaire left the island on Thursday for St. Maarten to make a connecting flight back to Bonaire.

Source: The Daily Herald