All five storm surge barriers closed as winds reach up to 110 kilometres

The damaged roof of the Zeeburger tunnel in Amsterdam. (Police photo)

AMSTERDAM–Wednesday’s winter storm has led to widespread disruption on the roads and railways and at airports throughout the Netherlands.

  Some 252 flights to and from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport were cancelled because of the strong winds.

  All five big Dutch storm surge barriers were closed because of the strong winds and high water.

  It is the first time that all five barriers have been closed at the same time, the transport ministry said.

  Crowds, and Government officials, turned out to witness the closure of the Maeslant storm barrier for the first time since 2007. The barrier cuts Rotterdam port off from the sea.

  In Amsterdam, broadcaster AT5 said the Zeeburger tunnel will remain closed until at least Thursday morning. It was closed after the lid of a container blew off a truck, damaging the roof, on Wednesday morning.

  According to website, the emergency services were called out to deal with storm damage and flash flooding at least 1,000 times.

Source: The Daily Herald