All for 1 Union calls for health care audit


All for 1 Union President Sidney Arnaud.

ST. EUSTATIUS–All for 1 Union St. Eustatius is calling for an independent operational audit of St. Eustatius Healthcare Foundation SEHCF and Queen Beatrix Medical Centre (QBMC).

  Union president Sidney Arnaud said that over the past year, All for 1 has taken note of a number of developments in the healthcare sector which have been and continue to be reasons of serious concerns among union members and recipients of healthcare on the island in general.


  Despite many meetings between stakeholders, which included the Island Government, SEHCF and QBMC, little to no progress has been made, Arnaud said.

  To structurally address the concerns in a transparent and professional manner, and with the objective of guaranteeing both an adequate level of healthcare on the island and better working relationships between stakeholders working in the healthcare sector, “We urgently request the stakeholders to have an independent operatic audit of SEHCF and QBMC carried out,” the union president said.

  “We believe that said audit will provide a firm and objective basis for all stakeholders to jointly move forward in addressing the issues currently plaguing the healthcare sector and recipients of healthcare in the broadest sense of the word,” Arnaud said.

  This can be done by establishing a comprehensive healthcare policy for Statia, including a clear short-, medium-, and long-range implementation plan, he said.

  All for 1 is looking forward to an answer to their request and said they trust the answer will be favourable.

  The president stressed the Union’s “continued support for the positive development of healthcare on Statia in the broadest sense of the word,” and their willingness to assist with the process of having the audit prepared, carried out, “and the results acted upon in a manner that will structurally benefit all stakeholders.”

  Arnaud said they are hopeful that all other stakeholders will look favourably upon and cooperate with their request, “as this would not only show good faith, but also demonstrate the willingness to establish transparency, accountability, and good governance to workers, service users/customers and other healthcare stakeholders.”

  He said he conveyed these same sentiments to the Executive Council, to Commissioner of Healthcare Charles Woodley, the SEHCF Board and QBMC management.

Source: The Daily Herald