All set for snap election today, 23,130 eligible to cast ballots | THE DAILY HERALD

Central Voting Bureau Chairperson Jason Rogers (third left) and members Mercedez James (back to camera), Tamara Richardson and Anastacio Baker (right) inspecting the polling station at the Dutch Quarter Community Centre on Wednesday evening.



PHILIPSBURG–All is set for today’s snap parliamentary election for St. Maarten’s tenth parliament Maarten since 10-10-10.

  Central Voting Bureau Chairperson Jason Rogers and his team visited the 20 polling stations on Wednesday and reported that all the stations are ready for voters to cast their ballots.

  Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs also took the initiative to visit a polling station and was also said to have been satisfied.

  “We are all ready,” Rogers told The Daily Herald after the team inspected the 16th polling station at the Dutch Quarter Community Centre last night. He urged the electorate to go out and cast their ballots and celebrate democracy. 

  Voting Bureau member Tamara Richardson said she also was very satisfied with the setting-up of the polling stations, noting that they had been readied early this year compared to previous election years. The most preparatory work had to be done at Charles Leopold Bell School in Cole Bay, which needed to be cleaned and equipped with a generator for electricity, amongst other things. Polling stations at schools were set up after schools were dismissed and those located at community centres were set up earlier in the day.

  A total of 100 workers will be spread across the various stations and overseeing the voting process.

  A total of 23,130 voters are eligible to cast their ballots at one of the 20 polling stations in today’s snap elections.

  The largest number of eligible voters are registered to vote at polling station #14, Belvedere Community Centre, where 1,491 persons can vote; followed by polling station #7, Rupert I. Maynard Youth Community Centre in St. Peters, where 1,487 can vote; and then polling station #6, Milton Peters College, where 1,483 can vote. The smallest polling station is #19, the Pointe Blanche prison (huis van bewaring), where 49 persons can cast their ballots. 

  The remaining polling stations are #1, John Larmonie Centre, where 977 persons can vote; #2, Sundial School, where 1,463 persons are eligible to vote; #3, St. Maarten Senior Citizens Recreational Centre, where 1,469 persons are eligible to vote; #4, Sister Marie Laurence School, where 1,445 persons are eligible to vote; #5, Dutch Quarter Community Centre, where 1,455 persons are eligible to vote; #8, St. Maarten Academy, where 1,439 persons are eligible to vote; #9, Bute Hotel, where 1,427 persons can vote; #10, National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA), where 1,384 can vote; #11, Charles Leopold Bell School, where 1,291 can vote; #12, Leonald Conner School (former Leonard Conner School), where 909 persons can cast their ballots; #13, Simpson Bay Sports Community Centre, where 1,154 persons can vote; #15, Melford Hazel Sports and Recreational Centre, where 1,446 persons can vote; #16, Methodist Agogic Centre, where 1,206 persons can vote; #17, Dutch Quarter Help Desk, where 505 persons can vote; #18, Seventh-Day Adventist School, where 976 can vote; and #20, St. Martin’s Home in St. Johns, where 74 persons can vote.

  It should be noted that a number of voting cards had been returned to the Department of Civil Registry and persons can still pick these up today.

Source: The Daily Herald