All set for the annual VLF SUMMIT on May 4


From left; Panellist Dwayne Carbon, Resort Marketing Manager Angele Geerman, Apostle Alicia Liverpool, Roy Cotton, Jr., Erna Mae Francis Cotton, Genora Jankee, Ken Crossely and Nelson Els, at the Simpson Bay Resort press conference of VLF’s Leadership Summit.

SIMPSON BAY–At a press conference held at Simpson Bay Resort and Marina on Wednesday, Operations Manager Marcel Javois shared why Simpson Bay Resort chose to partner with Victorious Living Foundation’s (VLF’s) Leadership Summit slated for May 4-5.

“When Victorious Living invited us to partner with the Leadership Summit, we didn’t have to think twice about coming on board, as it is a tremendous opportunity to grow the future leaders of this island,” said Javois. “The recent devastating impact of Hurricane Irma on St. Maarten, what better way to contribute than develop the people of St. Maarten who are St. Maarten’s core resources. The people that serve our guests are the core resources; therefore, for us to survive we have to develop our people.”


VLF’s Leadership Summit is an expansion of Leadercast, simulcast live annually from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, to hundreds of locations around the world to more than100,000 persons. The vision is to develop leaders who are worth following. Leadercast will be held on May 4 and features internationally renowned leaders such as: NASA astronaut, engineer and physician Mae Jemison; Leadership author and communicator Andy Stanley; and Human Performance Institute co-founder Jim Loehr.

The Summit continues on May 5 with workshops ranging from “How to turn your videos into cash” with global visibility catalyst Ann DeVere; the 15 invaluable laws of growth presented by John Maxwell certified coach Nelson Els; and ServiceBranding™ with marketing consultant Jasmine Payne.

Payne will help persons currently unemployed or wanting to change careers discover their personal brand and merge it with a company that fits their personal brand. She will also assist employers to be more effective in hiring employees who are the right fit with their brand. As a result, they will have happier employees, creating happy and satisfied customers, which increases the company’s bottom line.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn their leadership style through the “DISC.” Erna Mae Francis-Cotton, the visionary of Victorious Living, and interpersonal and professional development coach Roy Cotton Jr. will provide an interactive and engaging session where attendees walk away with practical tools and their DISC Personal Style and Report for enhancing personal and business relationships.

Alicia Liverpool, the visionary of the David Company and a 2016 recipient of VLF’s first annual Leader Worth Following Awards for Beyond You Leadership, shared why she and her team have consistently attended Leadercast for the past six years.

She also offered words of congratulations and commendations to VLF’s 2018 Visionary Leader Worth Following Awardee, Apostle Napolina Richardson who emerged the winner through public voting. “I congratulate Apostle Napolina as a Leader Worth Following.”

Liverpool also glowingly praised Ken Crossély, a 2018 Leader Worth Following nominee, for the tremendous way in which he mobilised the communities of Weymouth Hills, South Reward and Ebenezer in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and saved the lives of a mother and her five-year-old daughter.

Liverpool shared how inspired she was by Ken Crossély’s work, citing that the world needs more people like him. “It is imperative that we recognise and honour those among us who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. That is the authenticity of a leader who is able to match what they say with what they do and not by dominance. Nothing sends a better message, than a leader who leads by example.

“For the past six years, I have never regretted my decision to attend Leadercast; and this year’s theme is of particular importance for me, as it focuses on ‘Lead Yourself.’ Consistency is where the power lies. Dr. Erna Mae, it is a privilege for me to partner with you and this endeavour. Thank you for inviting others on this journey,” said Liverpool.

VLF’s Leadership Awards and Symposium features a local panel of leaders, including Dwain Carbon of Carbon Acquisition Group, Joseph Lake, and Apostle Liverpool. To register for VLF’s Leadership Summit visit or call 1-721-524-8731 by May 1.

Source: The Daily Herald