All seven parties get green light to advance to elections | THE DAILY HERALD

~ Numbering for ballots tentatively Thursday ~

PHILIPSBURG–The seven political parties that submitted candidate lists on Nomination Day to contest the January 9, 2020, snap parliamentary elections, were given the green light to advance to the elections.

The green light was given on Monday during a session held by the Central Voting Bureau to decide on the validity of the lists of candidates submitted on Nomination Day; the “maintenance of the candidates” on the list, as well as the “maintenance of the designation” above each list. All seven parties received a unanimous positive vote from the Central Voting Bureau in these three areas and will advance to the elections.

The decision of the Central Voting Bureau can be challenged by an eligible voter within two days. If the decision is contested, the Bureau will be required to wait for a decision from the court before proceeding. If no one disputes the decisions, the Bureau will hold another public session at the House of Parliament on Thursday, December 5, at 4:00pm to decide on the numbering of lists as they will appear on ballots and will rule on the colour that will appear on the list of each political party.

During Monday’s session, no infractions were found on the lists of Party for Progress (PFP), United People’s (UP) party and the United Democrats (UD).

One infraction each was found on the list of the National Alliance (NA) and the St. Maarten Christian Party (SMCP), both of which were remedied. The NA infraction was related to the specifications of the photo of the leader, while for SMCP, the abbreviation of the party was followed by an explanation in parenthesis, while it was only the abbreviation that was required.

Two infractions were found on the list of the People’s Progressive Alliance (PPA), which were also rectified. These included that one of the forms stated that the candidate list would be submitted by PPA leader Gracita Arrindell, when it was submitted by a representative of the party on Nomination Day. Another infraction was that the address of the #6 candidate was incorrect.

   The United St. Maarten Party (US Party) had several issues, which were also remedied. The issues included the incorrect designation of the party, missing information of one person, one of the documents was not signed by a candidate and the residence of a number of candidates was filled in incorrectly – the birthplace of the candidate was mentioned, where St. Maarten should have been listed.

Source: The Daily Herald