Alliance concerned about ‘apparent crime increase’ | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Opposition party National Alliance (NA) has expressed concern about what it terms “the apparent increase in crime” post-Hurricane Irma.

While this may have been expected due to the fact that many are out of work and may be becoming desperate as times are hard, Parliament has not been able to get any hard data from government as to how many persons may be displaced, homeless or out of work, said NA.

According to the protocol, NA said, the justice chain has been strengthened with more manpower post-Hurricane Irma, and recent reports are that the stay of the Dutch police here on the island has been extended.

However, the attempted robbery at Jump up Casino on June 6, where armed robbers dressed in black terrorised casino-goers and workers alike, firing shots inside the casino, “brings it full force in the faces and hearts of many persons.” An off-duty police officer was on hand to come to the assistance of the innocent workers, and successfully foiled the armed robbery attempt.

NA encourages those with information related to the assailants who fled from the scene and are still at large, to convey this to the police to assist in their apprehension.
NA leader Member of Parliament Silveria Jacobs, in a press statement issued Friday, condemned the recent attempted robbery and added her prayers that the two injured casino workers will make a full and speedy recovery. She also, on behalf of the party, thanked the off-duty officer for his quick action.

“The unfortunate death of one of the assailants should be as a reminder that crime does not pay and should be seen as a deterrent for future possible criminal activities,” Jacobs said.

NA is “very concerned” about public safety in general and sees these recent events “as a reflection of the current social and economic state of our country and the delays being experienced with the ongoing recovery plan.”

Jacobs said NA hears stories every day about substandard living conditions and economic handicaps. “This should be seen as a cry to the government of St. Maarten to speed up the relief and recovery process, as the people seem to be reaching their breaking point. Attention should also be paid to providing emotional support to the victims of this crime, including those who were unfortunate enough to be witnesses,” she said.

Source: The Daily Herald