Alliance wants meeting on World Bank, recovery status

PHILIPSBURG–National Alliance (NA) has requested a sitting of Parliament to gain from government the status of country’s recovery post-Hurricane Irma and the role of the World Bank in disbursing Dutch recover funds as well as that of the St. Maarten Project Bureau in executing funded projects.

  The request, submitted to Parliament Chairwoman Sarah Wescot-Williams on Thursday, is for Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin to be present. A date for the meeting still has to be set.

  NA leader Member of Parliament Silveria Jacobs said in a press statement on Sunday it is “imperative” that government gives account of the recovery process in light of the fast approaching annual hurricane season.

  Also of concern for the five-seat faction in Parliament are the constant challenges at the landfill, economic development and unemployment, and the plight of the people still suffering from Hurricane Irma among other ills.

  NA requested on Friday the reconvening two parliament meetings: the urgent sitting with Romeo-Marlin on the status of and plans for the landfill (postponed on February 9) and the session to appoint the chair and vice chairs of Parliament (Postponed on March 29). The latter had been slated for April 2, the day the current Parliament was sworn in.

  Jacobs pointed out while the Parliament’s Rules of Order may allow for the former chairperson to continue to act until a new chair and vice chairs appointed, it is not the intention for such a scenario to continue for an indefinite period. Those appointments will determine the composition of the presidium, and facilitate the formation of Parliament’s permanent and ad hoc committees for the 2018-2020 Parliamentary Year.

  The party also wants sittings called on the measures government has taken to protect its Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure from hacking and other security breaches and the status of hurricane preparedness for the upcoming season.

  MP Ardwell Irion in his capacity as vice chairman of Parliament’s Finance Committee has submitted a request for a committee meeting with Finance Minister Mike Ferrier to discuss and investigate The Maho Group/Sunwing Group financial aid request.

  Jacobs said the meetings were requested for Parliament and the people to be “brought up-to-date on matters gravely affecting St. Maarten.” These sitting will allow Parliament to pose questions to ministers, give its input and recommendations.  

  A speedy response on the meeting requests from Wescot-Williams is anticipated by Jacobs. The “representation of the people is serious business” that NA “takes very seriously.”


Source: The Daily Herald