Ambulance Dept. gets new mobile emergency shelter

CAY HILL–The Ambulance Department is now better equipped thanks to the recent acquisition of a new Zumro 600 rapid mobile emergency shelter just in time for the HUREX 2017 drill.

The Zumro shelters are used by Disaster Management Teams across the USA and Europe for Urban Search and Rescue Task Force.

The multi-purpose usage system is said to be an ideal rapid mobile shelter that provides rapid deployment that would create an environment in times of disasters that is conducive to advance medical treatment in the field of Emergency Medical Services.

Health Minister Emil Lee was present to get a first-hand demonstration of the capabilities of the shelter and how quickly it can be deployed.

The Zumro frame design can be deployed from one inflation point by one person, if necessary and the shelter deployment is rapid, virtually automatic and hands-free, it was stated in a press release on Monday. It can be deployed at a rate of 100 square feet per minute or faster, depending upon which inflation method is used.

The mobile shelter system can also be used at various small and large scale events on the island as a medical command post. This is yet another positive achievement in the further professionalizing of the Ambulance Department.

“It’s amazing to see how quickly this shelter can be erected within a timeframe of approximately four minutes. It is truly an added asset to the Ambulance Department in the area of Disaster Management given the department’s key role in the initiation of emergency medical response in disaster situations,” Lee said in the release.

Ambulance Department Head Cylred Richardson said the project to acquire the shelter had been long in the making. He is pleased that the department has been able to reach this goal.

HAZMED representative Hay Geurts said the emergency shelter can resist strong force winds. The material is made of special heat reflecting fibre. It is easily inflated by an air blower unit or air bottle from the Fire Department.

Source: The Daily Herald