American Airlines aborts landing due to blackout

AIRPORT–The country-wide blackout caught many by surprise on Thursday night, including an American Airlines flight landing at Princess Juliana International Airport SXM.

Initial reports indicate that the aircraft was about to land when the Airport’s electricity, including the lights on the landing strip, went off due to the blackout. Luckily the Airport generator kicked in seconds later and powered the lights on the landing strip. The plane’s pilots were able to make a 360-degree turn and land the plane safely on the runway.

Many aviation professionals took to social media Thursday night and shared their frustration about NV GEBE’s frequent power outages.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. With a government like this and a utility company like NV Gebe this power outage came not as a surprise. So happy no major accidents happened.

  2. Again. Why in the hell doesnt a big ass gov owned company like the airport and hosputal have backup systems. I am frikken sure its a requirement.

  3. This place is getting worse by the day and the only worry that politicians are having is to fight against transparency and are starting to push for independence.

    If the above approach would have resulted in a fatal accident then nobody, repeat NOBODY, would have been there to take over responsibility. A term which is simply not known in this place. Only self enrichment and swindling. So sad!