American visitor donates $10,000 to Medical Centre

CAY HILL–An American visitor, who underwent unexpected treatment at St. Maarten Medical Centre (SMMC) while visiting the island, has donated US $10,000 to the institution, in a show of gratitude for the care received.

In March the visitor, Paul Bernstein, required some unexpected care from SMMC. He was admitted through the Emergency Room (ER) and required attention from the hospital’s cardiologist Dr. Emiko Bird-Lake.

“The hospitality and care that Mr. Bernstein received from both the ER and Dr. Bird-Lake prompted him to ask Dr. Bird about the needs of the hospital, because he wanted to donate significantly as a thank you,” SMMC said in a press release on Thursday

At the time Bird-Lake understood the level of gratitude Bernstein expressed verbally, but she did not expect such a generous act to be followed up, it was stated in the release. “In the work done at SMMC, the hardworking men and women do their best to help their patients and do not expect anything in return. So, imagine Dr. Bird-Lake’s surprise when she found a US $10.000 cheque in the mail wherein Mr. Bernstein once again declared his sincere appreciation to the team that dealt with him at the ER and to Dr. Bird-Lake as well,” it was stated in the release.

Bird-Lake said there are many stories like this where good care is received at SMMC and many people, locals and visitors, leave grateful for the care they receive at the hospital. Not often the appreciation is expressed with such generosity, but many are satisfied and give their thanks in the best way they can, she was quoted as saying.

Bird-Lake, the ER team and SMMC said they are “very appreciative” to Bernstein and his “remarkable gift.” The donation was specifically meant to advance the organisation’s Cardiology Department and the cheque shall be put towards the purchase of necessary equipment for the department.

SMMC said donations are always appreciated. Persons who would like to contribute can contacting the Communications Department for more information about the hospital’s donation programme at tel. 543-1111 ext. 2508.

Source: The Daily Herald