Angela Richards-Huggins bids farewell to SVOBE after 37 years in education | THE DAILY HERALD

Angela Richards-Huggins

PHILIPSBURG–After having served for more than 37 years, Angela Richards-Huggins’ period of service in education has officially come to an end.

  Richards-Huggins, St. Maarten’s former First Lady, has bade farewell to the Foundation of Secondary Education SVOBE, which oversees Milton Peters College (MPC) and Sundial School.

  Richards-Huggins said it is with “joy and contentment” that she leaves the organisation of SVOBE. In her capacity as Human Resources Manager, she has been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity and privilege to have served, this esteemed organisation, she said.

  Her experience afforded her the privilege of, after many years of working in education, first-hand experience to the challenges encountered by her colleagues. It has provided her with a platform to, in collaboration with others, become innovative and creative in seeking urgently needed solutions.

  Her years at SVOBE were a series of treasured experiences; her discovery of the enormous potential in many of her colleagues and staff and her respect and admiration for her colleagues evolved immensely and is commendable.

  “I am forever grateful to all, and the management especially for your kind support, your stimulating company and enormous input. I encourage you to continue the same with greater eagerness and enthusiasm,” she said.

  “Words cannot express my gratitude to those who eagerly assisted, particularly, in the field of human and other resources; many of you went the extra mile. I extend gratitude to you for your loyalty, commitment and dedication. It is my sincere hope that the SVOBE school board, within short, realises that it needs to acknowledge and collaborate with the expertise, the wealth of experience and pool of human resources, to be able to propel education on St. Maarten to unprecedented heights.

  “A change of focus and perception is a must, to successfully achieve excellence in education on St. Maarten. Thank you [and] wishing the board, management and staff much wisdom and foresight moving forward.”

Source: The Daily Herald