Anguilla airport very busy in past week catering to jets | THE DAILY HERALD

Some of the private jets parked at the Clayton J. Lloyd Airport.

 ANGUILLA–For the Thanksgiving weekend the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport was extremely busy with private jets flying in from the beginning of last week and continuing to departures on Sunday.

  On November 21, some 20 private jets flew into Anguilla and for the past weekend, 19 came on November 24 and there were 27 movements on Sunday with planes leaving or arriving to take back passengers. At one time during the weekend there were 19 jets parked at the Airport. The majority of persons arriving stayed in Anguilla with just a few going on to St. Barths or other islands.

  The flights included some large jets carrying up to 16 persons. The largest were the Global Expresses and the Gulfstream 4, 5 and 550. In addition there were Falcons, Challenger 350, Hawkers and Citation 680.

Source: The Daily Herald